Aidan Fitzpatrick is a Chicago-based professional photographer and teaching artist whose path begins with a deep love of looking closely and exploring the natural world.

Aidan’s work is inspired by the mystery imbued in foggy days, the magical feeling of smallness when looking out over Lake Michigan, and the sacred comforts of home. These images serve as an expression of gratitude, revealing an embrace of the underlying unity between all things.

Her sensitive and curious nature leads her to work alongside students at Marwen where she fosters genuine moments to create, question, and connect. This intuitive respect for other’s creations has found a home at the Art Institute of Chicago where she works as a full time photographer documenting 2D and 3D art objects, exhibitions, portraits, and events.

Most recently her photographs were on view at Woman Made Gallery and can be seen installed at the CTA In-Transit Gallery at the Merchandise Mart. Her work is also included in issue six of Cordella Magazine.

"Childhood and future are equally present... sheer abundance of being floods my heart." - Rainer Maria Rilke